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    I need file examples for tpipe /replacelist

    Hi there! I am trying to use tpipe /replacelist, but it does not work. I need to replace words in "test.txt" to their pair from "pairs.txt" and create modified "test_1.txt" Comand line tpipe /input=test.txt /output=test_1.txt /replacelist=0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,pairs.txt My question - how should be...
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    TPipe /dup

    /dup=Type,MatchCase,StartColumn,Length,IncludeOne,Format Remove or show duplicate lines. The arguments are: Type: 0 - Remove duplicate lines 1 - Show duplicate lines MatchCase - If 1, do case-sensitive comparisons StartColumn - The starting column for comparisons Length - The Length of...