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  1. Alpengreis

    Fixed New INI directive "ANSIWin10" is invalid

    Hi Rex First, thank you VERY much for adding this new INI directive for ANSI Support related to Win 10! Unfortunately it does not work yet: Here the "details": Thank you and kind regards, Alpengreis
  2. F

    Powershell call fails with "Scripting Integrator 2016 (PowerShell)" license error

    I seem to have a little trouble getting powershell to work from within TCC 21. Powershell itself works: D:\bin\btm> powershell get-help get-help NAME Get-Help SYNOPSIS Displays information about Windows PowerShell commands and concepts. [… remainder of output elided …] D:\bin\btm>...
  3. Mike Applebee

    SHRALIAS crashes on startup

    Running a WIn10 box. spits out a "SHARALIS loaded" but then Iget the werfault message that it stopped working. Found an Application event error: Faulting application name: shralias.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5737aa08 Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp...