A simple command counter

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Charles Dye

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May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
rem  1.  Create a variable to hold the count:
set ncmd=0

rem  2.  Show this variable in the prompt:
prompt `[%ncmd] $P$g`

rem  3.  Increment the count after each command:
alias post_exec=`set ncmd=%@inc[%ncmd]`
Note the use of backquotes to prevent variables and functions from being expanded prematurely.
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Many, many years ago, back when I was using 4DOS, it was either Charles or Rex who provided me with a method to "imitate" the bash shell prompt, giving a prompt that shows the command count. I am still using it.

I have an alias defined as;
plc=set plc=%@inc[%plc]
In my 4start.btm, I have;
PROMPT=`%_cmdproc:%_pid:%@exec[@plc] %plc $g `