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Automatically downloading updates


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Migrated From JP Software Wiki

Please note that current versions of JP Software products all have update built into the programs so this is not needed, but it does provide a useful technique.


This batch synchronizes a download directory with the jpsoft ftp site.

It is equivalent to

1. rmdir /s mymirror
2. copy /su ftp mymirror

Only doing a copy will not remove the files or directories deleted on the ftp.

  • Copy the batch the name is not significant.
  • Change the location of the local directory in the batch file: variable localMirror.
  • Run the batch no parameters needed.


Copy all the updated files from the ftp site.

Write a list of the files in the local directory into a file removing the directory information

Append the name of all the files at the ftp site to this list removing the ftp directory information and changing the / into \.

This should make the local names and the ftp names identical.

Sort the list.

Read the list line by line:
  • Duplicate names implies that the file in the local directory is up to date.
  • If a name occurs only once then either the file or directory was deleted from the ftp or the transfer has failed.
  • If a file or a directory exists locally, delete it, otherwise the update must have failed, post a message and continue.
:: 4update.btm
:: mirror jpsoft ftp download directory
:: ---------------------------------------------------------------- ::
:: set the variable localMirror to the name of your local directory ::
:: ---------------------------------------------------------------- ::
@echo off

:: name of your mirror directory
set localMirror=C:\Download\jpsoft\ftp\

:: -- this line allows editor colorizer to work for a global
:! tmp temp

:::  set variables
::!  curr:			filename in mirror
::!  f1:			unique temp file
::!  f2:			unique temp file
::!  fn:			unique temp file used to normalize mirror path name
::!  ftp:			file name on the ftp
::!  line:			filename in the list
::!  localmirror:	mirror directory name
::!  prev:			file name in the list
::!  t:				path for temp or tmp directory
::!  temp: 			global
::!  tmp:  			global

set ftp=jpsoft.com

:: Normalize directory
if not direxist %localMirror mkdir %localMirror
set fn=%@unique[%localMirror]
set localMirror=%@path[%fn]
del /q %fn

:: Create a permanent connection
iftp /N ftp://anonymous:pwd@%ftp

:: copy all the files newer then the current files (including empty directories)
copy /fzsgu "ftp:*.*" %localMirror
set t=%tmp
if (%t) == () set t=%temp
set f1=%@unique[%t]
:: list all the files in the backup without the directory information
pdir /s /(@right[-%@len[%localMirror],*]) %localMirror > %f1
:: append all the files in the ftp without the directory information
:: replace / with \
:: all the file names in both set should be identical
pdir /s /(@replace[/,\,%%@right[-4,*]]) "ftp:*.*" >> %f1

set f2=%@unique[%t]
:: order so that duplicate names follow each other
sort %f1 > %f2

:: append a dummy end of file simplify testing the last file
echo + >> %f2

set prev=

do line in @%f2
	iff "%prev" == ""  then
		:: eof when expecting a new name we are done
		if "%line" == "+" leave
		iff "%line" == "%prev" then
			set line=
			set curr=%@quote[%localMirror%%prev]
			set ftp=ftp:/%@replace[\,/,%prev]
			iff exist %curr .and. exist %ftp then
				:: Once in a while pdir seems to miss files
				:: maybe others are accessing them
				echo %prev not properly reported by pdir
			elseiff direxist %curr then 
				:: directory removed from the ftp site
				rmdir /sq %curr
				echo remove dir %curr
			elseiff exist %curr then
				:: file removed from the ftp site
				del /q %curr
				echo delete file %curr
				:: should have transferred this file 
				iff isdir %ftp .and. %@files[%ftp,-d] == 0 then
					:: empty directories are not transferred
					mkdir %curr
					echo %curr not received
	set prev=%line

iftp /c

:: clean up
del /q %f1 %f2