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Call for v11 feature requests

  1. In Take Command, make it possible to switch to each tab by using Alt-1, Alt-2, Alt-3 etc.
  2. Also in Take Command, have an option to use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-anything instead of the current Ctrl-Shift-C, Ctrl-Shift-Z etc.
  3. Have Ctrl-T (or Ctrl-Shift-T) open a new tab.
  4. Make a true 64-bit version (I know that's it's dependent on external software, but still there are real problems in 64-bit windows. Perhaps a version without ipworks/wifi functions?)
  5. Redefine keys in Take Command. There's probably a way to do it with aliases and what not in TCC, but I'm talking about when you have more than TCC windows captured)
  6. Make it easy to use Take Command with both elevated and normal command prompts (e.g. make Take Command elevated and start every new prompt as normal by default)
Would it be possible to add the option of skipping the first N lines to HEAD?

Btw, I don't see why this is not already supported as TAIL does have this option. I guess you can use TAIL to achieve the wanted effect instead but then you are limited to 1MB data when using pipes it seems due to mandatory use of a memory buffer.
yakir wrote:
| CDD:
| The ability to add Directory trees to the Index only down to a
| certain level.
| CDD /U[n]

Separate control over piping in SETDOS /X

The /X5 option lumps piping in with multiple and conditional commands. There are times when I need piping but would benefit from being able to disable the other parts.

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