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CNET's TechTracker (TT)

Hi Rex and others,

I use the Subjected software to keep me up to date on the software I have installed. Even after doing an Option /u in TCC/TCMD and redong the scan with TT it still says I am not up to date. TCC/TCMD says I am at build .47 and the TT say "15.01 Build 47" is the latest. I have emailed CNET for support but haven' heard from them in the past month or more. Do you know why TT is saying I am out of date when it looks I am fully updated?
If TechTracker disagrees with OPTION /U, well.... OPTION /U is definitive.
CNet says that TechTracker has been discontinued and replaced with Download App. There are a lot of TechTracker reviews and forum posts that it misses updates or incorrectly says that updates are available.

Given that, I'm not inclined to spend time debugging it, since (1) it's unlikely I could do anything about whatever it's doing wrong, and (2) the TechTracker developers won't do anything about it either.