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Done Document that @TRUENAME handles directory aliases

It should be documented. Trial and error shows that @TRUENAME handles directory aliases, quoting/unquoting as necessary. This is useful if you want to send a filename using a directory alias to an external program.
So does QueryTrueName(), if you want to add that functionality to your plugins.
It might also be noted in the discussion of directory aliases (help alias).
I have been using %@full[] for that ever since directory aliases were added as a feature. I have batch file substitutes for most of the programs I use that take file names as arguments that, in essence, replace file arguments with %@full[arg] so that directory aliases will be expanded. However, it seems to me that one has to use %@quote[] to handle cases where there are spaces in the result. For me, in version 27, %@truename[] does not quote/unquote as necessary.
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