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May 14, 2008

Similar to DIRHISTORY, but for files (with complete path).

Many programs support the "Recent file" feature. My idea was inspired by this.

When working at the command line it would be convenient to get easy access to the files recently worked on by either TCC or other windows programs.

- Command line similar to the DIRHISTORY command
- Add hotkey to add a filename to the FILEHISTORY (TCC command line)
- Make it easy to select files from the FILEHISTORY at command line (file name completion)
- Use the SELECT command to process file from the FILEHISTORY
- Commands to delete items from FILEHISTORY based on file selection/ranges
- Delete all nonexistant files (deleted from disk) from the FILEHISTORY
- Includelist @FILEHISTORY
- Automatically add certain file types to the FILEHISTORY, e.g. XLSX/PDF/DOCX
- Parameters to add files processed (e.g. by COPY/SELECT) by TCC to FILEHISTORY
- Switch between multiple FILEHISTORY sets

Stein Oiestad on September 27, 2014