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Here is a (subjectively) better cd / cdd extended search

TLDR: Exact matches at the top, prefix matches next, substring matches last, each ordered by last access time.
Requires 'everything' installed and 'es' on the path.

Years ago my muscle memory got used 4nt with extended cdd match and '..' dynamic 'go back' functionality.
I took them to bash long ago (mdfind/locate and trap DEBUG - woo)... But I also restricted them to 'subdirectories' of the CWD only.
Doing more work on windows again (msvc still the gold standard...)... I personally could not get the extnded searches to be useful. There are so many more directories to navigate, I either ended up with too much noise, or might as well have typed the full path.

here-> TakeCommand improved cd / cdd command

Forum did not like all that [ CODE ], and my attachments did not attach. <shrug>
Nice work. I wrote a simpler ver a while ago as an alias it used cdd /s index file to bring up same options, like yours it has a drop down menu of folders options. It only uses ffind then cd when you select the folder. It doesn't have any error checks in place it just pops in if found. What I hear? Yes if found.

cdd /s on a windows 10 system is slow even slower if you have multiple external drives to index.

Until now I've never thought about `everything` as an option your script has changed my mind
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