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History for CMath (EditKeys Plugin)

I use the CMath feature of the EditKeys plugin on a regular basis.

CMath is a command line calculator.

CMath lacks a history.

Yes, I could do
>history | ffind /kvme"^:"
to display the recent expressions,
but I could not go back and select,
or edit them.

With the new Extended Command History (Ctrl-Shift-PgUp,)
I press tab,
type :,
press enter,
and I've got a history of all my previous expressions!


Selecting the expression that I want,
and pressing enter,
places the expression on the command line,
and executes it.

it does not calculate the expression,
thus I have to press the up arrow,
and press enter again,
in order for the expression to be calculated,
which doesn't really matter to me.

Just nice to have a selectable history now.


ADDED: If I press Ctrl-Enter instead of Enter to select an expression,
it places the expression on the command line,
which I can then press enter,
and the expression is calculated.

Thus, I'll just use Ctrl-Enter instead of Enter.

Issue solved.
Just updated to TCC 32.00.14

I had tried entering : at the command line,
press Ctrl-Shift-PgUp,
and hoped to see a filtered list,
as per the help file;
Extended Command History
You can view a "filtered" history window by typing some characters on the command line, then pressing Ctrl-Shift- PgUp or Ctrl-Shift- PgDn. Only those commands matching the typed characters will be displayed in the window.

This did not work.

With the update to TCC 32.00.14,
it now WAD.

I've just been using the regular old history dialog that way. Type a colon and PgDown, select a line, Ctrl-Enter to copy it to the command line, and Enter to evaluate. Works in all versions back to TCC/LE 14 AFAIK.

CMath works by hooking the Enter key at the command line and checking for the leading colon. I don't know of any way to hook keys in the popup dialogs.

I completely missed that.

Thankyou for the lesson.