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Italian Translator Needed for Take Command v24


Staff member
Our Italian translator is unable to continue translating new versions. I'm looking for someone willing to take on the Italian translations for the next version of Take Command (24.0). There are a few dozen short strings (some duplicates) that need to be translated for v24. Translators get (forever) 10-system licenses, and their name enshrined in lights in the help.

If you're interested, reply here or send an email to [email protected].

If I can't find anyone, I'll probably drop the Italian resource dll's from v24. Not ideal, but better than going out with a mix of Italian & English.
Guess it's different / more complex then entering into translate.google.com or the like.....
I can say that translating technical stuff can be more involving than you'd think. Not only you should know the area of the translation, you should be constantly in touch with the program author, because subtle language differences may require different translations of the sentence that looks the same in one language in different places.
Finding these places, writing correct translations, and convince author that he needs multiple strings that look the same in his language but will be different in some other is a very involving process.