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Library Functions

Hello everyone,

One of the greatest features Rex has built into TCC over the last few years, in my humble opinion, is the ability to define our own commands. That gives us, the users, great power to create the environment that we want instead of requesting every command we'd like from Rex.

I'm glad this forum has been created so that we can all share our library functions. I'll post quite a few of mine that I use all of the time. Several call other functions, so I'll try to include everything that is needed.

Please share your favorites here so that we can all learn and grow TCC's capability.

Is there a "repository" of tcc functions and methods anywhere on the www
days gone by 4dos help system allowed us to edit or add these to its "borland" help system that was a perfect place as a "repository" for me back then. Todays system I find awkward some of the links return error or nothing even when you know it exists but the search words entered get lost in a reference black hole.