MS-DOS Player for Win32-x64

This is an MS-DOS emulator that runs on Win32-x64 command prompt.

16bit MS-DOS compatible commands can be executed on Win32-x64 envrionment.

Last update was May 10, 2020. Tested and works on Windows 10 64-bit.

I can now run the 16-bit LIST.COM in a 64-bit TCC;
e:\dosbox\utils>msdos.exe LIST.COM

I can create a "64-bit version" of the 16-bit LIST.COM;
e:\dosbox\utils>msdos.exe -cLIST64.EXE LIST.COM
'LIST64.EXE' is successfully created

This is from the README.TXT file;
----- Convert Command File To 32bit Or 64bit Execution File

You can convert a 16bit command file to a single 32bit or 64bit execution file
by embeding a command file to the msdos.exe.

For exmaple, you can convert LIST.COM by this command:

    > msdos -cLIST32.EXE LIST.COM

and you can simply run LIST32.EXE without msdos.exe.

I also created a 4DOS64.EXE, which I can run in TCC;
e:\dosbox\4dos>E:\dosbox\utils\msdos.exe -c4DOS64.EXE
'4DOS64.EXE' is successfully created

A bit of a problem when EXITing 4DOS;
4DOS server error -- Attempt to exit from root shell
Fatal error -- reboot the system or restart the session
but it matters not, as I won't need to run 4DOS.COM since I have TCC.EXE

Nice to be able to run my old utilities again. Sharing this with others who may also be interested.

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