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OT: Visual Studio 2005 and Manifest files


I am using Visual Studio 2005 and have an MFC Executable with 7 DLLs
If you have used VS2005, you will probably know that Microsoft has this concept of Manifest files which enforce that the right RTL DLLs are loaded.

Well I have the situation where the release version is fine, the debug version is generating run-time error R6034, yet I can verify that the Manifest is present in the debug build and the RT DLLs seem to be the right ones off


So I am mystified as to why the debug build does run.
I will get to bottom of this given time, it is not critical as the release version is more important.
My gripe against MS is that each new version of VS is more complex than the previous version for every generation. I will need a PhD in VS to run it soon.:mad:

I thought I would post here as quiote a few TCC users run VS.


Stephen Howe