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Price difference

I download TCC today and would like to buy it (I've been an avid user of 4NT for 20 years).
But looking at the price at jpsoft.com, it's 66.40 Euros:

But pressing Enter and being transferred to PayPal, the price jumped to 83.00 Euros:

What's this?
Now that I've tested TCC 30.00.22 a bit more, I'm deeply impressed. Especially the plugins.
Not so much with this eViewer program; no way AFAICS to just quit with ESC as in 4NT's CHM-viewer.
Or is there a way? And the default sounds-level in TCC was terrible. Had to reduce the volume to 10%.

As stated, I've been using 4NT 5.00 since 2004! Has worked well apart from some issues with "Command line too long"
and random Stack Faults. So I will put in an order for an registered version of TCC soon.

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