Show variables in columns ...

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... and unset the selected one.

Not the best description of what it is, so here is a picture:


As I usually start building my scripts on the command-line, after a while you get a lot of environment variables flying around. This alias lists all of them and let me easily clean the ones I don't need anymore.
Just select the %var% you no longer need, press Enter and it's gone.
(But you could also use this alias for just listing the %vars% : Select "Quit...." to, well ... quit :-)

alias SUNSET=`( echo Quit.... & do var in /p set %1 ( echo %@left[35,%@word["=",0,%var]%@repeat[ ,35]] = "%@word["=",1,%var]") ) |! unset %@word[0,%@select[con,1,1,40,100,Unset ...]] 2>nul`
(If you didn't guess already: SUNSET is a combination of Show, Select and Unset)

  • If you use very advanced environment variables (like PROMPT=%@exec[] ...., ), you might want to wrap this alias in SETDOS /X... commands, like setdos /x-24A & .... & setdos /X0

  • If you don't care for layout, this will do the same:
alias SUNSET=`set |! unset %@word["=",0,%@select[con,1,1,40,100,Unset ...]]`
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