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Done Сreate screenshots

I suggest adding a command to create screenshots in the .JPG format.
If this is possible, I will make a list of possible keys and parameters.
You could use it in a batch file?

There is the @SNAPSHOT function. It only creates .BMPs, but there are lots of ways to convert formats; IrfanView comes to minds. And Rex could doubtless add .JPG support to @SNAPSHOT if there were demand.
@SNAPSHOT saves it to the clipboard. I need to get the finished file in the JPG format. This will be used in the batch file. And it is desirable to save an image snapshot and all the screen, and only the active window. Let there be PNG a format, this is not a principle. :-)
That's what I want to get minimally. When you run the command without the keys and parameters, the snapshot of the active window is saved in the current directory in the format year-month-day-hour-minute-second. The /P (ath) parameter specifies the destination folder. The key /F (ull) is a snapshot of the entire screen. The key /R (epeat) = x, - screenshots will be created before pressing Ctrl-Break, where x is a pause in seconds.
@SNAPSHOT saves it to the clipboard. I need to get the finished file in the JPG format.
My mistake. It's been a while since I've used @SNAPSHOT.

I think I have much of the code to do this. I may be able to throw something together.
How about using convert from http://imagemagick.org?

do forever ( echo %@snapshot[DESKTOP] > NUL & convert clipboard:image %_datetime.jpg & sleep 5 )

Put what you want to capture in the @snapshot function, insert your path before %_datetime, and change the sleep to how long.
I'm uploading a basic screenshot plugin here. (The HTML doc file is rubbish; please ignore.)
I think I understand. The IF PLUGIN test looks at a plugin's internal name, not its filename. And this plugin's internal name is always "ScreenShot", regardless of whether you're using the x86 or the x64 build, whether you've renamed the file, and so on. So your test should be IF NOT PLUGIN SCREENSHOT.... Even if you rename the file to ZARATHUSTRA.TXT, you can still load it with PLUGIN /L and it will still call itself "ScreenShot".

Or, alternatively, you can use IF ISPLUGIN SCREENSHOT to check whether the SCREENSHOT command has been installed. Again, the command name won't change even if you rename the file.
If you save to a JPG format, can you save as a percentage of the actual size? For example, 10%, 50%, etc.
Not difficult, but I'm expected to do some Real Work next week. It may be a few days before I can add this.
Okay, I'm putting up a new build with resizing support (and much better docs) here.
Note that the new /R only works when saving to a file. You can't resize when saving to the clipboard.