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start /tab hangs

On Tue, 31 May 2011 16:11:53 -0400, David Marcus <> wrote:

|If I run a btm file containing the two lines
|start /tab
|start /tab
|in TCC 12.10.67 running in a Take Command tab (on Windows Vista [Version 6.0.6002]), I get the strange extra window.

When I do that I get a total of 4 **new** tabs.

I get two new tabs and two weirdly truncated title bars, and Take Command hangs.
Not reproducible here. I cannot think of any way that could happen unless
you have an alias for START (or something in your TCSTART).

That only happened once; I can't reproduce it. Possibly I still had two extra tabs from my first experiment, which was "start /tab & start /tab".

Anyway, since then, it seems to work correctly.

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