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Done SYNC one way only

It would be, for me, convenient if the sync command worked by synchronizing the destination and then stop.
Take a look at the /W option of the COPY command, which the help describes as:

Delete files in the target directory that don't exist in the source directory. (Use this instead of SYNC when you only want to synchronize "one way".)
Yes, I already use the /w parameter, but once the destination has been synchronized, the command does not stop and tries to synchronize the source but in certain devices (such as a USB HD attached directly to the router as a simple NAS), probably due to a "misalignment" of the time, were copied to the source.
Are you talking about the /w option of the SYNC command? Because I was talking about the /W opt of the COPY command. The COPY command does nothing to the source, if you run a COPY /w your destination folder should be left with identical contents to the source folder, and the source folder will be untouched, which was what I understood you to mean you wanted in your first post.
It would make sense to add /U, particularly if there are a large number of unchanged files in the folder, it will be much quicker.