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TC Keywords

For configuring syntax-coloring in my favorite editor I'm looking for a complete list of commands and functions. Does anyone have such a list readily available?

Thank you,
For either, you can copy and paste from the relevant "by Name" in HELP. The "?" command lists all internal commands, followed by all commands in currently loaded plugins; you can redirect the command. The FUNCTION command will report user-defined functions. Plugin commands and functions can be listed using PLUGIN /C and PLUGIN /F, resp.
HTH, Steve
Thank you Steve. Yes, your reply does help somewhat because I had forgotten all about the "?" command :)

I realize that my question was too open. Sorry for that.

I am writing a script that produces some XML files to configure my favorite editor. Because TC is continuously evolving I would like to make this a repeatable process. While working on this little project I realized that other users must have had the same idea and need. I would think that JPSoft has such lists available somewhere and - more importantly - that it would be in a form that doesn't need (much) scraping, converting, filtering, stripping and reformatting. (Although I'm looking forward to trying the new command TPIPE for that!).

So, I guess I have two questions for the readers. (1) Is JPSoft willing and able to publish text files with the names of all commands, functions and variables for each version of TakeCommand? (2) Has anyone already written such a script, that filters command(groups), internal functions and variables from the TC documentation?

Such a script should produce discernible groups of keywords with no formatting. I would say flat text in separate files. Meanwhile, focusing on the functions and variables, I am open to (approach/design) suggestions as to how to make this a reliably repeatable process.

Cheers, DJ.

I just remember a thread of Rex where he mentioned a lexer for TCC.
Perhaps you can follow it up.
Thanks Frank. My editor already has everything it needs for syntax-coloring, folding, etc except of course the specific "reserved words" for our particular language here.

My question is not about editors but about where to get or how to (re)generate compete lists of keywords so that some of us, who are (also) using other editors than TC's IDE, can quickly update their configurations with each new release of TakeCommand.

- DJ
sorry, I thought you could perhaps extract some syntax-/keyword-informations,
because rex said
I have now posted the source code for the TCC Scintilla lexer to the Scintilla SourceForge project. It's available for anyone to use (plugins anyone?) in any application that is using Scintilla
The lexer only has a list of commands (the same as the ? command displays). It doesn't try to track the variable function or internal variable names; it just assumes that anything beginning with a %@ is a variable function and anything beginning with %_ is an internal variable.