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Hi all.

I'm writing a BTM to manipulate open windows (as in 'ACTIVATE xxx MIN', etc).
Some are weird in that they have no name (%@WINTITLE[%@PID[exe]] is empty).

So I thought I'd try my luck with @WINCLASS but I've never used it.
All the help says is that it requires a "classname"...

Assuming I'm heading in the right direction, how do I go about getting these class names, and how could I then use @WINCLASS ?

On a related subject, is it possible to use ACTIVATE (or something similar) to send a window to another screen?

Here's a widget I've found useful on occasion: WinLister

(I have no association with the author. I've just used a few of his tools from time to time.)
Of course, if the window doesn't have a title, then @WINCLASS won't be too useful; it's just gonna return an empty string....
Hi Charles.

We think alike.
I used WinLister too and tried to feed the class name listed into @WINCLASS ...

No cigar.

Is 'classname' akin to what might be used in @WMIC ?
If you know the process ID, you can try using that instead of the title:
set pid=%@pid[chrome.exe]
activate =%pid min
AutoIt and AutoHotkey both have good helper tools.

But mind you, the TCC windows handling functionality is wildly inconsistent.
Wow this is fantastic!

I never knew that trick with the "=" prefix.
Does that work everywhere? Don't remember seeing this in the manual...

Btw, ACTIVATE =%@PID[chrome.exe] MIN works also

Thanks for that!

Any idea how to move a window to another screen (right, left or by number) ?
Any idea how to move a window to another screen (right, left or by number) ?
You can do that with ACTIVATE /POS=. You just need to know the coordinate ranges for your second screen. On my work system, the second monitor uses negative X coordinates. It's possible that on your system, the second screen may have large X coordinates, starting at the primary monitor's right edge + 1.

The Windows screen-resolution applet has a graphic to show (and manipulate) the relative position of your monitors.