Purpose:Pause for a specified length of time


Format:DELAY [/B /F /M time]

DELAY UNTIL [yyyy-mm-dd] hh:mm[:ss]


time        The number of seconds or milliseconds to delay.


/B(reak enabled)/M(illiseconds)

/F(lush keyboard)




DELAY is useful in batch file loops while waiting for something to occur. For example, to wait for 10 seconds:


delay 10


DELAY is most useful when you need to wait a specific amount of time for an external event, or check a system condition periodically. For example, this batch file checks the battery status (as reported by your Advanced Power Management drivers) every 15 seconds, and gives a warning when battery life falls below 30%:


do forever

  iff %_apmlife lt 30 then

     beep 440 4 880 4 440 4 880 4

     echo Low Battery!!


  delay 15



The maximum time value is limited to about 585 million years in Windows. If you don't enter a time, the default is 1 second.


You can optionally wait until the specified date and time. If no date is specified, DELAY defaults to today.


TCC-RT uses the minimum possible processor time during a DELAY, in order to allow other applications full use of system resources.


You can cancel a delay by pressing Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break.




/BAllows terminating a DELAY by pressing a key.


/FFlush the keyboard buffer when DELAY ends.


/MCount by milliseconds instead of seconds. Normally only used for delays of less than 1 second.