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CMDebug / TCC-RT Help v. 29

Purpose:Play Windows .AVI (video clip) files


Format:PLAYAVI [/A /C /S /Vn] file...


fileThe file(s) to play



File Selection


Supports extended wildcards, multiple file names, @file lists, and include lists.




PLAYAVI "plays" an .AVI or Windows video clip file.


Note: This command relies on the capabilities of your Windows configurations, including access to the proper codec. See your Windows documentation for details.


By default, PLAYAVI operates in synchronous mode, which means TCC waits for the .AVI file to complete and its window to close before continuing with the next command in a batch file or alias, or prompting you for a new command. You can change this default behavior with the /A option.




/APlays the .AVI file in asynchronous mode. Control returns to the TCC prompt immediately for a new command or to execute the next command in the current batch file or alias.


/CDisplays the AVI viewer in the middle of the screen. Without this option, the viewer appears in the upper-left corner of the screen.


/SPlays the .AVI file in synchronous mode (this is the default). TCC pauses until the file has finished playing and its window closes.


/VSets the volume level. The range is 0 (silent) to 100.