@REGSETENV[HKEY...\subkey\value,type,data] : The same as @REGSET, but a broadcast message is sent to all applications when the change is made, so that any application monitoring such messages can respond to the change immediately if it is designed to do so. @REGSETENV returns 0 if the value was written or the Windows error number if an error occurred.


If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, you can access the 64-bit registry instead of the 32-bit registry by appending "_64" to the HKEY name.


If the key name begins with \\machinename, @REGSETENV opens the registry on a remote machine. The remote registry service must be running on the remote machine, and you must have access and permissions. The HKEY parameter can be one of the following keys:






Note: Remember to use quotes around any entry containing spaces or commas!


See @REGCREATE for information on the format of the key name. See also: @REGQUERY (read a value) and @REGSET (write a value).