The installer for Take Command includes TakeCommand.ewriter. That file includes description and syntax for all commands, variables and functions, as well as reference information to assist you in installing and using Take Command and developing batch files, aliases and functions.


The help is also available on our web site as a PDF file or as web help.


You can request help at the prompt from the Help menu, by typing HELP (or HELP plus a command name), or by pressing the F1 key at any time when TCC is accepting keyboard input at the prompt. If you use the HELP command by itself you will be taken to an introductory page, but if you follow the command with a topic name (e.g. help copy) you will see help on the requested topic if available.


If you type a command name on the line and then press F1, the help system will provide context sensitive help by using the first word on the line as the help topic. For example, if you press F1 after entering each of the command lines shown below you will get the display indicated:




[c:\] copy * a:

Help on the COPY command

[c:\] c:\util\map

"The page cannot be displayed"


You can use this feature to obtain help directly on any topic, not just on commands. All internal commands, internal variables, variable functions, and key mapping directives have their own topic, allowing you to directly query, for example, help @eval (help for the @eval[] function) or help _disk  (help for the _DISK internal variable).


You can also invoke help for the word immediately above (or immediately to the left of) the cursor by pressing the Ctrl-F1 key. This feature is especially useful when you need the syntax for a variable function.


If the topic you seek is not listed, look for a suitable cross reference from the Index tab or use the Search tab. The topics you use most often can be stored and recalled through the Favorites tab.


Quick Syntax Help:


If you just need a quick reminder of an internal command's syntax, type the name of the command at the prompt, followed by a slash and a question mark /?  For example:


copy /?


TCC will display the syntax and the valid options for the command.


If you are running TCC in a Take Command tab window, and you enter an internal command name, Take Command will display quick help for that command on the status bar. If you move the mouse over the status bar, Take Command will display a more detailed tooltip help window.