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Take Command / TCC Help v. 29

Purpose:Display help for internal commands


Format:HELP [/I /S] [topic]


topic        A help topic (internal command, variable or function).


/I (Index)

/S (Search)


See also: The Online Help System.




Online help is available for all of TCC's internal commands, variables, and other features. You can either choose to use the local help (TakeCommand.ewriter) or the web help ( To select web help as the default, go to "OPTION / Startup / Web Help"


If you type the command HELP by itself (or press F1 when the command line is empty), an introductory page (Overview) is displayed. If you type HELP plus a topic name, that topic is displayed. For example:


help copy


displays information about the COPY command and its options. All internal commands, internal variables, variable functions, and key mapping directives have their own topic.


You can also invoke help for the word immediately above (or immediately to the left of) the cursor by pressing Ctrl-F1 (this can be useful when you need the syntax for a variable function).




/IShow the Index instead of the topic


/SShow the Search window instead of the topic