Purpose:Switch a batch file to or from BTM mode






TCC recognizes three kinds of batch files: .CMD, .BAT, and .BTM. Batch files with a .BTM extension will run faster than .BAT or .CMD files, as they are loaded into memory at startup and do not open and close the batch file for each line (as do .BAT and .CMD files).


The LOADBTM command turns BTM mode on and off. It can be used to switch modes in a batch file. If you use LOADBTM with no parameter, it will display the current batch mode:  LOADBTM ON or LOADBTM OFF.


Using LOADBTM to repeatedly switch modes within a batch file is not efficient. In most cases the speed gained by running some parts of the file in BTM mode will be more than offset by the speed lost through repeated loading of the file each time BTM mode is invoked.


LOADBTM can only be used within a batch file. It is most often used to convert a .BAT or .CMD file to BTM mode without changing its extension.


There is no functional difference between .BAT and .CMD files.