REXX is a powerful file and text processing language developed by IBM, and available on many platforms. REXX is an ideal extension to the TCC batch language, especially if you need advanced string processing capabilities.


The REXX language is not built into TCC, and must be obtained separately by downloading the free Regina REXX from, or ooREXX (Open Object REXX) from


You must enable REXX support in the OPTION / Startup page. If it is enabled, when TCC loads it asks Windows to locate specific REXX libraries associated with Regina or Open Object REXX. If a REXX library is found, TCC checks to see if you are running a .REX or .REXX file, or if the first two characters on the first line of a .CMD file are [/*], the beginning of a REXX comment. If either of these tests succeeds, TCC passes the file to your REXX interpreter for processing.


When you send a command from a REXX program back to TCC to be executed (for example, if you execute a DIR command within a REXX script), the REXX software must use the correct address for TCC. TCC uses the address CMD for compatibility with scripts written for CMD.


For details on communication between REXX and TCC, or for more information on any aspect of REXX, see the Regina or ooREXX documentation.


See also: the @REXX, @PERL, @PYTHON, and @RUBY functions.