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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28

Purpose:Run a script using an Active Scripting engine


Format:SCRIPT [/E engine] [filename ...]




engineThe name of the scripting engine




If you don't specify any arguments, SCRIPT will display the installed engines.


You can call internal TCC commands from any Active Scripting language using the tcommand() interface created by SCRIPT. For example, create a JavaScript file named testjs.js:


var d1 = "First Message";
var d2 = "echo Second Message";
var d3 = "dir /w";


You can then pass testjs.js to SCRIPT:


script testjs.js


See also the @SCRIPT variable function.        




/E If the script doesn't have a recognized extension (i.e., .vbs, .pls, etc.) you will need to specify the engine SCRIPT should use to execute the script.