Purpose:Send simple text (SMS) messages, typically to text-enabled cellular phones and similar devices


Format:SMPP [/= /IPv6 /SMPPVersion=n /SSLMode=n] server username password recipient message


serverSMS server name
usernameUser name for the SMS server
passwordPassword for the SMS server
recipientPhone number or dotted IP of an SMS-enabled device
messageThe message to send


/IPv6Use IPv6 instead of IPv4.
/SMPPVersionSMPP version for connection
/SSLModeSSL negotiation mode






SMPP sends message through standard Internet Paging Gateways. Depending on your system configuration, you may need to start an Internet connection before using SMPP. See your service provider for specific requirements.



/=Display the SMPP command dialog to help you set the command line options. The /= option can be anywhere on the line; additional options will set the appropriate fields in the command dialog.


/IPv6Use IPv6 instead of IPv4.


/Priority=nThis option tells the server what type of priority to assign to the message. The possible values are:


0 - Low

1 - Normal

2 - High

3 - Urgent


The effect of the message priority setting is dependent upon the Message Center manufacturer and the network on which the target recipient lies. For example, some MCs may immediately forward "urgent" messages, some networks may use the priority setting as a visual indicator of the message's urgency (e.g. blinking icons, etc.), and some networks may entirely ignore the priority setting.


/SMPPVersion=nThe SMPP version to be used throughout the connection.


0 - 5.0

1 - 3.4

2 - 3.3


The default value is version 3.4 as it is the most widely used version. If version 5.0 is supported it is recommended.


/SSLMode=nDetermines how SMPP starts SSL negotiation


0 - Automatic

1 - Implicit. The SSL negotiation will start immediately after the connection is established.

2 - Explicit. SMPP wil first connect in plaintext, and then explicitly start SSL negoatiation through a protocol command such as STARTTLS.

3 - None. No SSL negotiation, no SSL security. All communication will be in plaintext mode.


The default value is 3.