Purpose:Search and replace in files.






SREPLACE is a GUI search and replace app, that supports regular expressions, extended TCC wildcards, ASCII, UTF8, and UTF16 files. SREPLACE also optionally supports scanning all subdirectories of the target directory.


SREPLACE has two modes - interactive and batch.


Batch mode reads your custom XML files to get the (optionally multiple) search and replace strings. The XML files look like this:


<SReplace CompactMode="1">

       <Match FindString="Pancakes" ReplaceString="Waffles"/>

       <Match FindString="Scrapple" ReplaceString="Sausage"/>



This XML file will replace all occurrences of Pancakes and Scrapple in the target files with Waffles and Sausage, respectively.


You can specify multiple file types to search by separating them with a semicolon in the "Look at these file types:" field.


After SREPLACE scans the input files looking for string matches, it will display all the matches and the new target string. You can deselect specific matches by clicking on the Apply checkbox in the right column To accept the changes, click on the Apply button in the Find and Replace dialog on the left side of the SREPLACE window. SREPLACE will not make any changes to the file until you click the Apply button.


SREPLACE will automatically detect ASCII, UTF8 with or without BOM, and UTF16 with or without BOM, and will rewrite the target file in the original format.


The Find / Replace window is dockable, so you can optionally move and dock it in another position.