Purpose:Establish a WebSocket connection to a server and send a string.


Format:WEBSOCKET [/= /V /Origin=server /User=user /Password=password]] "ws:servername" string


/Origin (origin server HTTP header)
/User (for auth)
/Password (for auth)
servername (websocket server)
string (text to send)




The options are position dependent; they can only appear at the beginning of the command line in the order specified above.







/=Display the WEBSOCKET command dialog to help you set the command line options. The /= option can be anywhere on the line; additional options will set the appropriate fields in the command dialog.


/V(erbose)Display status messages


/OriginIf specified, WEBSOCKET will include an Origin HTTP header in the connection request with the value provided. Servers may use this value to validate requests. Servers may reject requests depending on the value provided. A typical value that would be set is of the form "https://example.com".


/UserThe user name if authentication is used


/PasswordThe password if authentication is used


servernameThe WebSocket server to connect to. For example: "ws://echo.websocket.org"


stringThe text to send to the server