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    MOUNTISO: Add support for VHD / VHDX files

    I've done it manually using DiskPart.exe. First, SELECT the VDISK: SELECT file="C:\Program Files\Windows XP Mode\Windows XP Mode base.vhd" Then ATTACH it : ATTACH VDISK You can also create VDISK's based on another VDISK using the CREATE command. When done, you DETACH VDISK.
  2. samintz

    How to? SETLOCAL Level

    BTW - you could add your localcount to your prompt. I append the current Git branch to my prompt: function gitbranch=`%@execstr[set _gb=%@execstr[git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD 2>nul] & if %[_gb]. != . echo (%_gb) & unset _gb]` PROMPT=$e[37;%@if[%@remote[%_disk] eq...
  3. samintz

    How to? SETLOCAL Level

    It could use a cleanup because it could leak disk files.
  4. samintz

    How to? SETLOCAL Level

    Because it uses %_PID, it allows each instance of TCC to have its own LOCALS stack.
  5. samintz

    How to? SETLOCAL Level

    I created a set of 3 scripts that do pushlocal, poplocal, and locals (works like dirs). They currently save the current directories, the environment, and directory history. pushlocal.btm set locals=%@EVAL[%@execstr[set /v locals%_PID] + 1] cdd /a > c:\jpsoft\drives%[locals]_%_PID.dat cd >>...
  6. samintz

    Getting the public IP of a FIOS router

    That's pretty slick. I assume there's something special about myip.opendns.com?
  7. samintz

    Everything version in Take Command build 39?

    On my Win10 PC, I just updated to build 22.00.39 and I have Everything version (x64).
  8. samintz

    How to? Disable TCC's internal response to Alt-F4

    Another option is in the TakeCommand Options dialog under the Advanced tab called "Minimize on Close." Alt-F4 will just minimize the window instead of closing it. However, I believe that will only help you if you run TCC in TakeCommand and not stand-alone. But I didn't test that.
  9. samintz

    Associate file by name rather than extension?

    Short answer: no Long answer: Create a script that does the magic parsing. Associate .TXT files with a new ftype and invoke that ftype by running TCC and your script and pass in the file name. Then have the script invoke either the current TXT file handler or Excel. This is untested: ftype...
  10. samintz

    ANSI misbehavior?????

    I ran into a similarly strange issue back in November (I think). After I rebooted my PC, the issue disappeared so I never reported it.
  11. samintz


    Is this behavior expected? I.e. the default directory changes from 'C:\temp' to 'C:\users\mintz\documents' for the PSHELL command. [C:\Temp] $ pshell /s "pwd" Path ---- C:\Users\mintz\Documents [C:\Temp] $ powershell -command "PWD" Path ---- C:\Temp
  12. samintz

    Select-String with Context

    Even though I am in the same directory as foo.txt, it turns out I need to specify the full path to foo.txt in order for the PSHELL version to work. $ pshell /s "type c:\temp\foo.txt | Select-String -Pattern 'Sun in London - Next 7 Days' -context 0,11" > Sun in London - Next 7 Days...
  13. samintz

    Select-String with Context

    The PSHELL command doesn't return anything for me. $ pshell /s "type foo.txt | Select-String -Pattern 'Sun in London - Next 7 Days' -context 0,11" $ powershell -command "$f = type foo.txt | Select-String -Pattern 'Sun in London - Next 7 Days' -context 0,11; $f" > Sun in London - Next 7 Days...
  14. samintz

    How do I fix file association?

    I figured it out. You have to go to Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Choose default apps by file type. Then I was able to set the default to Adobe Reader DC. After I did that, the Change button shows up when you right-click a PDF file and select Properties. Before, there was no Change...
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