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  1. Dmitry L. Kobyakov

    Done Error: the BDEBUGGER displays the cyrillic CP 866 characters incorrectly

    I tried to open in the TCC's IDE a file .TXT with some russian text coded in code page 866 (a result of a .BAT I'm developing). The IDE displays the text incorrectly, and does not have the setting option to correct this. It is interesting, that the .CMD files with the CP 866 characters are...
  2. R

    Debugsession must not turn hidden objects on.

    HI, System is Windows 10, 64 bits, november 2015 TCC is version 19.02.39 Each time I start a debug session, all hidden files (not system) are made visible. Any idea how to get rid of it?
  3. R

    Debugger makes hidden files visible

    It may be a feature or a bug, but it is extremely annoying. A session with bdebugger results in Windows view settings changed. In explorer View => Options => Change folder and search options on tab View, my setting is Don't show hidden files , folders, or drives. This setting is changed by...