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  1. C

    Character editor running in tab in Take Command causes line error

    When I run Vim within a tab of PowerShell, WSL or TCC it opens like this: The next two are what PowerShell and TCC look like after exiting VIM. After VIM runs the command prompt keeps moving to the right with each return. The only way to resolve this is to exit TC and restart it. If you run...
  2. C

    Fixed EXECSTR failure if you alias 'tail'

    For the life of me.... I was trying to figure out how having my alises loaded was creating a failure with %@EXECSTR[-2,dirhistory] which returns the 2nd to last folders you were in. It turns out that me aliasing tail to `call tail.bat` breaks EXECSTR's functionality Is the implication here...
  3. C

    TCC window completely disappearing(!!!), sometimes(?) crashing, if Windows Terminal is running (or maybe even, if it's simply *been* run)

    I spent way too long wondering why "import openai" was crashing python so hard that the calling window disappeared, and how that was even possible. Then I realized. TCC is disappearing. And sometimes reappearing. But usually disappearing. For good. Only after I installed windows terminal...
  4. Jay Sage

    Bug With Flow Control and/or Command Grouping

    I just discovered a problem with flow control and/or command grouping. To illustrate it, consider the following alias definition: alias zz=if not a eq a (echo one & echo two) & echo three Since the IF clause is false, I expect the command group not to run, but I expect the additional...
  5. krischik

    Take Command opens with (almost) white screen and then hangs

    Yesterday I installed Take Command on a new computer. It worked fine yesterday but today it hangs after asking for the registration data. I didn't register yesterday and now I can't any more as only a an (almost) white screen is displayed and then hangs. After a while the “Application doesn't...
  6. L

    FTYPE crashes TCC v23.00.30-34

    On my Windows 10 system, (Version 6.3.17134), using TCC v23.00.30 or v23.00.34, entering the FTYPE command causes an application crash. Neither cmd.exe or TCC LE 14.00.9 x64 have any trouble with this. But TCC, once the command is entered, after rapidly blatting out everything that the lesser...
  7. R

    ffind not setting %_ffind_ vars if /f is used

    I'm using ffind with /s to search for one file in various subdirs. If I use /s without /f, when the command completes %_ffind_files is set to 1. If I include /f, %_ffind_files is set to 0 even though there was one match. It seems this is not a recent bug. I'm seeing the same problem in TCC 13...
  8. jfalch

    Problem with 4utils64 in v21

    After installing TakeCmd v21, trying to load the 4utils64 plugin (latest version) outputs a message (from german) "the specified procedure was not found", and fails to load. No procedure name is specified with the message; however, analysing 4utils64 imports, it appears that it wants to import a...
  9. Oz Solomon

    Problem with "list"

    Whenever I use the "list" command, my mouse cursor becomes extremely sluggish. Exiting the reader with ESC returns the mouse to normal. Is anybody else seeing this? I'm running Windows 10 Build 1703.
  10. R

    WAD TCC/LE does not set %_ffind_files

    I have tried this in TCC 18, TCC/LE 13 and TCC/LE 14. FFind finds and returns the count in all three but both TCC/LE versions don't set %_ffind_files I haven't checked whether it sets %_ffind_matches or %_ffind_errors EXAMPLE: In a folder, create My_File_1.txt and My_File_2.txt FFIND...