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Problem with 4utils64 in v21

After installing TakeCmd v21, trying to load the 4utils64 plugin (latest version) outputs a message (from german) "the specified procedure was not found", and fails to load. No procedure name is specified with the message; however, analysing 4utils64 imports, it appears that it wants to import a procedure "GetLine" from TakeCmd.dll which appears to be no longer present in v21 (was present in v20 TakeCmd.dll). I think this could be the reason for this problem.

Furthermore, 4utils64 depends on onig.dll which appears to be no longer to be installed with TakeCmd v21 installer. Substituting onig.dll from TakeCmd v20 appears to work.
You must have an older one, jfalch. The recent ones don't use GetLine (I removed the CRUNCH command). Get a newer one at

I do the same with ONIG.DLL. It will be a while before I get to re-write the regular expression stuff.
I have finally found time to download the zip from ftp://lucky.syr.edu. Unfortunately, it contains the same .dll that I am currently using, 4utils64.dll as of 12.08.2016 17:17; it still has the getLine reference:
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