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  1. Flemming

    CMdebugger, TCC v 29

    CMDebug seems not to be a part of TCC v 29. Please confirm. BDebugger start up fine but all commands seems to be "unknown" when I use "step into" Please advise. Regards Flemming PS: Attached the start up console
  2. S

    Debugger also stops at non-breakpoints

    After I switched from v24 to v28 I encounter the following problem while debugging: The debugger also stops at non-breakpoints. In the main batch file I debug In sub-patch files which are called from the main batch files I did not set any breakpoints on those positions where the debugger...
  3. T

    Fixed Problem with use of Batch parameters in the IDE

    Day 3 of the evaluation - still debugging the debugger - and YAB !!! I have found some problems with the IDE operation when trying to pass command line parameters to the batch file. I can't find any doco on how to use the "Display/Modify Batch Parameters" so the following may all be a result...
  4. T

    Fixed IDE locks up if edit window for running batch is closed

    Well I didn't get far. When I finished posting the last BUG report, I had forgotten the test batch was still running (not 'Stop"ped) and I tried to close the edit window and go back the the batch I was supposed to be debugging. Now the IDE is (Not Responding) and the test batch file is locked so...
  5. T

    WAD Difference between TCC and CMD in handling multi-command lines

    Day 2 of the evaluation - still debugging the debugger - YAB !!! Here is a sample batch file to demonstrate the very significant difference between TCC and CMD in handling multi-command lines cls set var=1&set chr=A echo Testing& set var=2 & set chr=B & @echo Started %var% %chr%& if %var% GTR...
  6. T

    How to? Show the values of batch variables on the TCC screen

    Now that I have reported the "Strange Unexpected Features I found in my 1st hour of testing the demo, I have been looking at the documented features and general operation. What I find a difficulty with, is that when the TCC screen shows the batch line to be executed, sometimes the batch...
  7. T

    WAD Strange Unexpected "features" in the Debugger

    It has been a little over 1 hour since I downloaded the demo version. I was disappointed to find that I am debugging your program instead of my batch file. Feature #1 - Watch panel shows wrong content of batch variables See screen shot "Watch list corruption.jpg" This shows the batch file has...