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Fixed IDE locks up if edit window for running batch is closed

Well I didn't get far.
When I finished posting the last BUG report, I had forgotten the test batch was still running (not 'Stop"ped) and I tried to close the edit window and go back the the batch I was supposed to be debugging.
Now the IDE is (Not Responding) and the test batch file is locked so I can't delete it.
Looks like I will have abort the IDE using Task Managers "End Task" function.

Pity the IDE didn't say something like :-
"This file is currently running - Are you sure you want STOP it and close the file ?"
@rconn Thanks.
I presume this means I download the new of the demo.
Do I have to uninstall the current demo version before installing the new one ??
So far the only thing in 21.0.37 is a fix for the problem when closing a batch file in the IDE while you're debugging it. That isn't serious enough to warrant its own release -- there are two or three other issues I am currently looking at that (if they turn out to be bugs) may result in a release later this week.

If there is a new bug-fix release, it will be announced here.

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