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  1. Alpengreis

    [v31.x] Help says "Do not enable UTF-8" - but it's enabled by default. Why?

    About the UTF-8 Option, the help says following: TCC Startup Configuration Dialog UTF8: If enabled, TCC will check (non UTF-16) files to see if they are in UTF-8 format (i.e., for UTF-8 batch files, SET /R, @LINE, etc.). TCC (and...
  2. Alpengreis

    UTF-8 problem in TCC related to Python

    Hello I have the following test-script in Python, encoded in UTF-8: # encoding: utf-8 # Set the console codepage for this script to UTF-8 # Shouldn't be necessary through the 1st line: #encoding: utf-8 #os.system('chcp 65001') print("jö, jä, jü") print(u"jö, jä, jü") After I open the...
  3. cxxl

    Set encoding for batch file

    Is there a way to set the code page for a certain batch file? I have all those old batch files from 4NT/4DOS times that are written with CP 437 and the umlauts come out wrong. Sure, I could switch to CP 850 now, but I'd rather have an option that describes what CP a batch file is in, thus...
  4. Roedy

    BTM file encoding

    In the olden days BTM files were encoded with IBM437. When I upgraded, the encoding apparently changed. My block characters no longer display properly. What in the new encoding?