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  1. L

    Declined Preload previous settings when upgrading to a new version

    When upgrading to a new version, I start with all setting at default. I have to set my preferences manually again, or I could copy the previous TCMD.INI with a somehow bad feeling since you never know if the old file really fits the new software. A way to preload (and convert if needed) of the...
  2. RChrismon

    How to? Copy TCMD.INI to New Version

    I just upgraded from v23 to v24. I have used TCMD since it came out, and TCC for years before that, but never thought about the settings files. Can one copy the INI file from v23 to v24? Actually, is there an INI file in v23? I can't seem to find it in either the TCMD 23 folder, or in the...
  3. Alpengreis

    [v21.00.14]A small graphical glitch only ...

    Hi Rex First, thanks for the new v21 ... that was for sure really hard work! Here is a small graphic thing not yet perfect with 21.00.14 Beta RC1 x64 how it seems. Well, that is really a very small glitch only - nevertheless I thought I report it. Kind regards
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