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  1. Bill de Haan

    What popular scripting language is closest to BTM?

    Hi all; I've written a number of BTM files at work that are great timesavers for me, but they aren't usable by other team members, and they'd like them. I realize that there's a TCC runtime, but that's not an option, unfortunately. Our environment is C, C++, perl, python, ruby, embedded ruby...
  2. P

    How to? "Script" command -- using to list installed/active WSH engines

    When one types the command script by itself, it prints out a list of which Windows Script Host scripting engines are active. How exactly does this work . . . for example, if one wanted to write some Visual Basic, C, Perl, -- and for that matter, if possible, 4NT/TC, windows shell (cmd.exe)...