How to? "Script" command -- using to list installed/active WSH engines

Which WSH engines and/or configurable external languages do you use with Take Command/TCC/4NT/4DOS?

  • Ruby/RubyScript

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  • TclScript

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  • PHPScript engines

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  • XLNT engine

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  • Other WSH engines (including LuaScript, Delphi, Forth engine, HaskellScript, CobolScript, others)

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Mar 12, 2015
When one types the command script by itself, it prints out a list of which Windows Script Host scripting engines are active. How exactly does this work . . . for example, if one wanted to write some Visual Basic, C, Perl, -- and for that matter, if possible, 4NT/TC, windows shell (cmd.exe), PowerShell, or via a WSH language like VBScript. . . -- or other code to retrieve the list of engines, how would that be done, and is other information available about the engines (such as default file extension for scripts, version number, filename/path, or other information) ?

Furthermore, is there a programmatic way to load engines and otherwise manipulate them -- with TC or by other means?
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