1. Hungysaurus

    START command on 4NT

    I'm unsure if this is the appropriate place for this thread, especially as I'm using TCC's ancestor 4NT, but it's something that was only recently made aware of but now am really puzzling over how I can resolve it. When I open a 4NT window for the first time, via the Start Menu/shortcut it...
  2. R

    Documentation CLARIFY START /C HELP

    The description of the /C option in the Help for START should be clarified: "/C Start the program in a new TCC window and close the TCC window when the application ends." For almost 2 years I have been using this code and I kept having a blank "extra" window appear. The "extra" window doesn't...
  3. R

    How to? START without an extra window?

    When using START in a .btm, is there a way to have it not open an empty TCC window in addition to the window for the application being opened? I have several applications that generate a number of .txt and .csv files and then they use START commands to open 1 in Notepad++ and 2 in separate...