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  1. Alpengreis

    [TCMD v25.00.24] Problem with copy and paste and the # char via mouse in TCC

    Hello I have a problem in TCMD v25.00.24 (which exist perhaps in other versions too) with copy and paste for the # char via right mouse click in a TCC window on my Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18363.535] (Home, x64, CH_de). The test string is the following ... #~^test The result after copy &...
  2. CWBillow

    Defaults for TCC

    I can back up the settings for TCMD by copying C:\ProgramData\JP Software\Take Command 24\TCMD.INI. But how / where do I find the settings for TCC? Those for TCMD do not seem to coincide.
  3. R

    Create 366-day month, day, comments subfolder set

    This program creates a set of 12 monthly folders, day folders in those, "comments" folders in those. It must be run from TCC, not Explorer. :: Make_Cal-comments_Folders.btm :: :: This requires the free TCCLE or TCC-RT or paid TCC from JPSoft :: :: *** WARNING !!! *** THIS *MUST* BE RUN...
  4. B

    How can TCC make an output as a part of command string

    How can TCC make an output as a part of command/expression string similar to Bash ' $() ' command feature ?
  5. X

    How to set %_INIREAD result to variable

    I'm trying to set the result of an INIREAD operation (the entry in an INI file) to a variable, but I just get the return code of the INIREAD operation (0, or -1). How do I set it to a variable? Here is my code: https://pastebin.com/4i7u1cFR
  6. cxxl

    dir /s works in mysterious ways :(

    Hi, I have a simple directory structure: I:\tmp> tree I:\tmp └──x ├──1 │ ├──a │ └──b └──2 If I enter "dir /sb" I get what I expect: I:\tmp> dir /sb I:\tmp\x I:\tmp\x\1 I:\tmp\x\2 I:\tmp\x\1\a I:\tmp\x\1\b But when I enter "dir /sb x", it doesn't display the whole depth of the...
  7. cxxl

    WAD Mouse movement sluggish when using TCC list

    I'm using TCC 21.00.39 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.15063]. When I use "list", the mouse cursor gets noticably more sluggish. This stops when I exit list. I used to use 4NT 5 until now and that doesn't occur there. The issue is easily reproducable here. Any ideas?
  8. F

    Powershell call fails with "Scripting Integrator 2016 (PowerShell)" license error

    I seem to have a little trouble getting powershell to work from within TCC 21. Powershell itself works: D:\bin\btm> powershell get-help get-help NAME Get-Help SYNOPSIS Displays information about Windows PowerShell commands and concepts. [… remainder of output elided …] D:\bin\btm>...
  9. R

    Done Switch between TCC and RT on same PC

    How can I use both TCC-RT and TCC on the same PC, other than by installing multiple user accounts, using virtual machines, etc? I've started a separate thread asking how to do this with the current software and explaining why I would want to be able to switch--the basic issue is being able to...
  10. R

    How to? Use both TCC-RT and TCC on same PC

    How can I use both TCC-RT and TCC on the same PC, other than by installing multiple user accounts? The reason I want to do that is so I can test programs that will run under RT. I assume that if I simply run the RT installer conflicts will arise with the existing TCC installation and I won't...
  11. James Miller

    tcc shell window does not disappear

    Hi, I run tcc version 13.04.58 on Windows 8.1 but I reproduced this problem with version 20.11.40. TCC 20.11.40 x64 Windows 8.1 [Version 6.3.9600] [i:\home\jhm\arc]services.msc [i:\home\jhm\arc]exit Using Sysinternals process explorer, I notice after executing the "exit" command or...
  12. J

    Sendmail, SSL and MS Servers

    I'm hitting a problem with Sendmail that has the symptoms of a similar problem back in V14, which was fixed in V15.1. Basically, it fails with "TCC: error during handshake[2]: 0x80090308" when SSL is selected, and "TCC: SMTP protocol error. 504 5.7.4 Unrecognized authentication type" when SSL...
  13. MickeyF

    TCC v16 crashes when I hit F1 to view help

    I'm a few versions back - v16.03.55 x64. When I try to view the help by hitting F1, TCC crashes. Tell me where to find a dump file and I'll upload it. But if I run TCMD instead, F1 loads the help just fine. I've been using v16 for a long time and this never happened, and now it happens 100%...