[TCMD v25.00.24] Problem with copy and paste and the # char via mouse in TCC

Jan 12, 2014
Switzerland, SO

I have a problem in TCMD v25.00.24 (which exist perhaps in other versions too) with copy and paste for the # char via right mouse click in a TCC window on my Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18363.535] (Home, x64, CH_de).

The test string is the following ...

The result after copy & paste via right mouse click ...

And here the result after copy & paste via key shortcut <Shift>+<Insert> ...

So, there is a problem with the # char (maybe others too??) as you can see in 1st picture after copy & paste via right mouse click!

Some facts:
- The problem appears ONLY in a standalone TCC window ... NOT in a tab within TCMD.
- There is no problem with key shortcut <Shift>+<Insert> or <Ctrl>+V.
- There is no problem in a "integrated" TCC within the Windows Terminal Preview.
- There is no problem in a CMD Command Line Prompt (NON-legacy mode).
- It has nothing to do with the codepage.
- I took that string from an editor with ANSI codepage (1252) to a TCC standalone window with codepage 1252 (also tested with TCC CP 850) - but you can even type the string manually first in a standalone TCC window, make a copy and paste it - the result will be the same.

Kind regards!
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Jan 12, 2014
Switzerland, SO
Ok, Rex ... but in a CMD console prompt it works (with same preferences of course) ... why is there a difference?

BTW: also paste via Menu does NOT work in TCC ... it does work in CMD.

I made a test with LEGACY console in TCC, then it works too!
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Jan 12, 2014
Switzerland, SO
Here BTW a test with another system with the following test string:


with result ...

The hashtag char is just gone after pasting in that NON-legacy tcc console.

So, I assume it could have to do with the Conhost (related to right-click). Also because it works in the new Windows Terminal Prewiew when I use there a TCC console (which I assume is then the new OpenConsole instead Conhost). And after I read some info about Conhost, it seems no secret that Conhost has problems with Copy and Paste.

The question is still: WHY it works within NON-legacy Command Prompt console and not in a NON-legacy TCC console. I assume, you have to use another methode (API) for the right-click?!
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