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tcc/le 14

  1. A

    Windows 10 This app can't run on your PC

    I have been using TCC LE x64 14.0 on Windows 10 at my work place successfully for a while now. My company recently upgraded the Windows 10 version and the application no longer runs and I get the error message: "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the...
  2. Per

    TCC/LE 14 64-bit won't start on Windows 10 Insider Preview 17063 (171213)

    Latest 14 version. Error 0xC0000017 (some kind of memory allocation error). Tried reinstalling. Tried running in various compatibility modes (Windows 8, Vista etc) Didn't try 32-bit TCC/LE. TCC (non-LE) v22 works. EDIT: Works again in 6.3.17120, see below.
  3. A

    Win10 Creators update, console woe(s)

    FYI. See eg: [title]
  4. R

    FedUtils under TCC/LE 14?

    I notice that FedUtils won't load under TCC/LE 14 but does under 13. Any chance on an update?