TCC/LE 14 64-bit won't start on Windows 10 Insider Preview 17063 (171213)

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Sep 25, 2015
  • Latest 14 version.
  • Error 0xC0000017 (some kind of memory allocation error).
  • Tried reinstalling.
  • Tried running in various compatibility modes (Windows 8, Vista etc)
  • Didn't try 32-bit TCC/LE.
  • TCC (non-LE) v22 works.
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Sep 25, 2015
Please use TCC-RT.
TCC/LE is no longer developed, nor supported.
But I use TCC/LE as a command prompt, not as a BTM file runner. TCC-RT looks like all it does is run TCC BTM files. Do you mean I should switch to TCC? TCC v22 does work with Windows 17063.

Also, the TCC/LE product page doesn't say anything about TCC/LE being less developed or supported than previously. Where did you get this information?

Also, TCC/LE 14 worked fine before Windows 17063.