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  1. mikea

    How to? TCC registered to wrong 'entity'

    It's been a long time since I did a re-install and I've forgotten a lot, sigh. Following a crash and restore, I've re-installed TakeCommand/ TCC and successfully re-registered. TakeCommand thinks it's registered not to me by the usual firstname/lastname moniker, but to the name of my laptop (a...
  2. rps

    Declined Add auto-load directives to tcmd.ini

    Add several new directives to tcmd.ini and the TCC OPTIONS configuration dialog. These would be loaded before running tcstart identical to the OPtions->TCC->Command line->Command History/Directory History. LoadAlias=ON/off -- Load aliases from alias.sav list as defined by Shralias_save_path or...
  3. Alpengreis

    TCMD.INI: The "super hidden" problem ...

    Hi Rex The following problem exist with TCMD 20.11.46 x64 / 21.00.14 Beta RC1 x64: For me it's important to have in TCMD.INI the following: ShowSuperHidden=Yes However (for example) after [Optionen, Take Command, Registrieren] (probably [Options, Take Command, Register] in english), this...