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Done Alternative (on-the-fly?) COLORDIR settings for DIR, PDIR and SELECT.

DIR, PDIR and SELECT use the colors specified in the Directory Colors option, which is overriden if the COLORDIR variable is specified.

Perhaps those commands could have an option to allow specifying a different environment variable to be used in that particular execution of the command. This would have the benefit of specifying different sets of colors when working in different projects/contexts. For example:

COLORDIR_JAVA=java: green; xml: cyan; class: bright blue; jar: bright green; war: bright cyan; ear: bright white
COLORDIR_OFFICE=xls: green; xlsx: bright green; doc: cyan; docx: bright cyan; ppt pptx: bright red; odt: bright yellow; pdf: bright black
COLORDIR_C=c cpp: green; h: blue; o: yellow; exe: bri yel
COLORDIR_OLDIES=EXETYPE_WIN32GUI: bri red; EXETYPE_WIN32CUI; bri mag; EXETYPE_DOS EXETYPE_POSIX: bri black; db2: red; arc arj: bri blu

This would be particularly effective when mixed in with aliases, for usage in a single project/context, when wanting to highlight some files in one moment and other files in another moment.
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