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Done Auto-Attach Consoles and Desktops

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TCC  26.00.29 x64   Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18362.720]

In Take Command, I have Auto-Attach Consoles enabled.

Take Command is running in Desktop 1.

I switch to Desktop 2.

I start TCC 26 (not Take Command) in Desktop 2.

TCC 26 starts, but does not appear in Desktop 2.

I switch to Desktop 1.

The TCC 26 that I started in Desktop 2 has indeed started, but has auto-attached to Take Command in Desktop 1.

When I disable Auto-Attach Consoles in Take Command, switch to Desktop 2, and start TCC 26, TCC stays in Desktop 2.

When I switch back to Desktop 1, and enable Auto-Attach Consoles in Take Command, the TCC 26 that was in Desktop 2 then attaches to Take Command in Desktop 1, and is no longer in Desktop 2.

Would it be possible to allow a TCC 26 console to be started in another desktop, but not auto-attach to Take Command in the other Desktop?